The Bloom Barrage Events

Up until now, Bloom Barrage has been a single style of gameplay. But perhaps being aggressive or racing to finish your planting isn’t your preferred style. We broke the game down into different game modes that highlights particular aspects of the game, so you can play however you like!

Please note we’re still in development and the game modes are subject to change.

Bloom Barrage


The original format. The gameplay has not varied much through these iterations: plant flowers, bring them to your planters, throw seeds at your opponent to slow them down. There are improvements to the Super Flowers and some additional features added that we’ll go into detail later.

Seed Barrage (or “Dodgeball”)


One of the main parts of the original game was the ability to throw seeds at each other in order to get them to drop their flowers, slow them down, and disrupt their flow. We found that people really liked this aspect of the game, so we separated it out into its own game mode. No need to worry about planting flowers, just hit your opponent until they run out of hearts!

Bloom Design (or “Paint by Color”)


Conversely, perhaps you’re really into the gardening part of competitive gardening. We wanted a no-pressure variation that allowed you to work at your own pace and make something beautiful. In this mode, your goal is to grow plants of varying colors and fill out a particular pattern. You’re drawing a picture, but instead of paint or crayons, you’re using flowers.

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