Press Kit

About Bloom Barrage

A competitive gardening game.

Plant and throw seeds with friends in a pixel art styled action game!

Players will follow the story of Skip as he progresses to become the Bloom Barrage festival champion. Along his journey Skip will compete in various fun objectives to learn planting, skill-shots, and power-ups with his mentor, Serena, the helpful panda. Skip will be challenged by Thoreau, the grumpy iguana and Connie, the sly lynx, as he progresses in the game.

The story mode can be completed single-player or co-operative with up to two players via WIFI multiplayer. Multiplayer also supports VERSUS mode for up to four players to play against each other or AI opponents.

About Faun Lily Studios

We are Faun Lily Studios, a team of passionate contributors who build and deliver fun and original digital games. We are a new studio looking to support play across multiple platforms. A healthy contributor work-life balance is a top priority for the long term life of our studio.

For press inquiries, please contact:

Wil Supinski – General Manager

Great game!

Arran Gimba

I’m a big fan of the music


This is a fun game even for a senior citizen.

Tim’s Mom

Gardening advice, puns, and a fun game.