Power-ups Update

A few posts ago, we went over the game-changing Super Power plants and the effects they’ll have on you. We also mentioned that those power-ups would be undergoing revisions. Here are some of those changes. Also note we’ll still be doing testing and tweaking on these.

Multi-shot is now Seed Shield

We found that the multi-shot flower (which granted you an 8-way omnidirectional seed shot, and the ability to plant 9 flowers at a time) was (1) WAY too powerful, and (2) ultimately redundant compared to the triple-shot flower. So we’re trying a new concept.

Picking up this flower now creates a ring of seeds that circle around you. Now when you get hit by a seed, one of these shield seeds sacrifices itself on your behalf- you’ll only lose a shield and not any flower you’re carrying, nor will you slow down. And because they’re seeds, this shield can also be used offensively: if you run into your opponent, they’ll get hit the same way as if you had thrown the seed!

Roses now grant Thorns

Before, we had this idea that roses created temporary clones that would help you out and distract your enemy. Ultimately this was confusing to the player, and difficult to program, and would have been a nightmare to get working over networked multiplayer. Given that the power-ups have been mostly beneficial offensively, we brainstormed ideas for something more passive/defensive.

In keeping with the theme, when you pick up the rose, you’ll be given one chance to plant a number of Thorn bushes. Tap once anywhere to start, and as you move, thorn bushes will appear behind you, creating a wall. Once you’ve planted a certain number, the power-up expires. These thorn bushes cause you to slow down significantly when you run into them – even the ones you just planted, so be careful. The thorns will eventually disappear.

Boost to Ghost Pepper

The ghost pepper that grants you temporary invulnerability against getting hit by seeds needed a little something extra, especially since the pepper is literally flaming! Now your seeds get powered up too. A flaming seed now travels through characters (you can’t act as a bodyguard in this case) and even walls. Your only protection is if you happened to pick up a ghost pepper yourself.

Other Changes

Even though the triple-shot flower is still the only way to plant multiple flowers at once, it was still overpowered. You can still throw 3 seeds at a time, but when it comes to planting, it will now only be 2 plants at a time (down from 3).

To ensure the ghost pepper’s invulnerability remains special, becoming giant via the mushroom power-up no longer protects you from getting hit. You’re giant, you’re just that easier of a target to hit, right?

Finally, to preserve the feeling of freedom of movement, flying using the dandelion also gives you a speed boost.

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