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We wanted to bring you some more insight into the music and sounds of Bloom Barrage, so we conducted an interview with our composer and sound designer, Bryan Minus.

Bryan’s Website

How did you make the music for Bloom Barrage (previously project Ghostly Garden)?

The music was originally written as a fun experimental piece for a now-defunct band called “Better Beings”. I heard from the Faun Lily team on a Facebook post that they were looking for music, and I offered to license some of these tracks to them. The music I had wasn’t exactly what they were looking for, so I altered some of the demos to use a chiptune style of music, which better fit the theme of the game. That style was created using the ES-P synthesizer in Logic [a digital audio workstation], mostly basic square and triangle waves. The music utilizes lots of counterpoint and arpeggios which had a lot of energy, and was also a little spooky to fit the theme of the game. Besides altering the sounds I had to alter the tracks so they could run as a loop.


ESP synthesizer

Specifically, what instruments did you use?

For this game it was really all just that synthesizer in Logic using custom settings. It’s technically not chiptune music. The main instrument is a basic square wave, I think the higher sounds are triangle waves I used for a more chime-y sound, and used some eq for balance the pads and leads.

What are your influences for the music?

The tracks were influenced by the tarot deck. Each track was modeled after the major arcana – the first 22 cards or so of the deck. The tracks used for project Ghostly Garden include “The Hierophant” and “Death”.

Listen to the “The Hierophant” track by clicking the play button at the top of this post!

You also provided sounds effects for the game. Tell us about those.

I like making sound effects from scratch. I use an old “Nord Lead” synthesizer (made by a company called Clavia, released in 1995). I know this synthesizer very well, and it’s fun to fiddle with a bunch of knobs until I got the sound I want.



Are there any other projects you are working on?

I just finished scoring a science fiction short film called “Kimmich”. It harkens back to the classic 50’s B-movie alien movies.



I also worked on a short film, “A Fine Cycle”, which raised awareness for anxiety.  


A Fine Cycle

A video game I worked on is called

“Ship It”

from Think On Labs. It is a virtual-reality Tetris-like game that was included in the 2017 PAX 10. “Ship It” has been on Steam early-access and is getting ready to fully launch later this year.


Ship It

 Thanks Bryan!

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